Cheap car insurance sometimes also the best

Due to the ever-lasting price war between car insurers, consumers have to choose cheap car insurance policies. But can you really be in first place for a dime?

Good coverage for little money possible

Good coverage for little money possible

The answer to that is “yes”. Some ‘price fighters’ not only offer the lowest premium but also very good policy conditions. Customers can save an average of at least 171 euros per year on their car insurance.

Cheap car insurance

car insurance

You might think that the lowest premiums go together with ‘stripped down’ policy conditions. According to research by Lender, cheap is not necessarily expensive. A good example is the car insurance from Allsecur; this newcomer combines a competitive premium with favorable policy conditions. In about 20 percent of Lender’s comparisons, this society emerges as one of the best choices.

Low premium, good coverage

Low premium, good coverage

The question arises how it is possible that this direct writer does offer good policy conditions for relatively little and that other insurers remain relatively expensive. For a comparable cover, you can easily lose double or triple at any other insurer. Allsecur has no cancellation period, so customers are not tied to the insurer. In addition, you have no deductible and the other conditions are good. Allsecur thus proves that a low premium and good coverage can go well together.

Cheapest car insurance

Despite the premium war and the arrival of new players in the insurance market, most people are still thieves of their own wallets. They pay an average of at least 171 euros a year for their car insurance, according to research by Lender. What is the cheapest car insurance for you depends on age, coverage, claim-free years and place of residence, among other things.


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